Conservation and Restoration of Fine Art.

Twistback Art Conservancy has been an established conservation and restoration center for over forty years.  The conservation center has saved thousands of fine paintings, watercolors, prints, and frames from all over the world.  There are many current philosophies concerning methods and materials and their applications.  The philosophies applied at Twistback Art Conservancy are based on bringing the painting back to its original artistic intent, respecting its natural aging characteristics.  We conserve and restore using time proven methods and materials to arrest the aging process and stop damage from progressing due to the nature of aging original materials.

Our Address is: 301 Muddy Run Road, Oxford, Pennsylvania 19363. Our phone number is 717 529-2909

If you have a painting, watercolor, enhanced photo or print in need of restoration and conservation we will be happy to look at it for you and give you our expert opinion on what the art work needs. You are welcomed to bring your art work to us or we would be happy to come and look at it for you on site if possible.

We are skilled in conserving and restoring artworks which have been damaged during moves, fires or storage, and of course old age.

Original Art for Sale

We also have original works of art for sale, painted by Timothy Jayne Sr., and William
Furness Rosen, Timothy's grandson.  Please feel free to browse through our photo album.

The painting to the right has been partially cleaned, old varnish, dirt and any previous overpaint are being removed.

We are located approximately 16 miles south of Kennett Square, PA, and approximately 4 miles from Route 10 and 896 Russelville Pennsylvania.

Conservation and restoration for all of your artwork will keep your precious things preserved for future generations.

Please check out our photos of paintings during different stages of restoration and conservation, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your painting. We would love to hear from you!